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Personal Therapy

Individual Therapy for Adults, Children and Adolescents by Qualified and Recognized Professionals
Clinique Psychothérapia offers counseling services and individual therapy to help you express, understand and overcome your distress and difficulties. Our competent professionals will help you gain a better knowledge of yourself, improve your self-esteem, restore and harmonize your relationships with others.

Space of expression, exploration and individualized care

You are in distress or you are experiencing difficulties and your inner resources are impaired or insufficient. The therapy will help you express your distress, understand the nature of your difficulties and overcome them. We offer you a space to speak and listen attentively while respecting your integrity and ensuring confidentiality.

Our professional support will allow you to gain a better knowledge of yourself and to harmonize your relationships with others.

Our professionals aim to help people with serious psychological disorders to understand and change complex, deep-seated and often unconsciously based emotional and relationship problems thereby reducing symptoms and alleviating distress. However, their role is not limited only to those with mental health problems. Many people who experience a loss of meaning in their lives or who are seeking a greater sense of fulfilment may be helped by psychoanalytic or psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Sometimes people seek help for specific reasons such as eating disorders, psycho-somatic conditions, obsessional behaviour, or phobic anxieties. At other times help is sought because of more general underlying feelings of depression or anxiety, difficulties in concentrating, dissatisfaction in work or inability to form satisfactory relationships. It may benefit adults, children, and adolescents. It can help children who have emotional and behavioural difficulties which are evident at home or school. These can include personality problems, depression, learning difficulties, school phobias, eating or sleeping disorders.

Couple's Therapy

Couple therapy and professional consultations skills to deal with difficulties and relational, sexual, anger, and other impasses
Clinique Psychothérapia offers counseling and couple therapy. Our qualified therapists accompany you in the difficulties encountered in the conjugal relationship. Therapy addresses as much the problems of understanding between the spouses as the difficulties of communication, behavior, attitude and commitment.

Understand and overcome difficulties in couple’s life with a skilled professional.

The couple’s relationship is necessarily constructed in an interactive way and the disturbance of the conjugal bond can be expressed in different ways: by the behaviors of the spouses, as well as by their distance, their coldness and their emotional isolation. Some couples are struggling with their commitment to the relationship and may question the viability of their relationship. In this sense, couple’s therapy focuses on the relationship between spouses and sheds light on the nature of difficulties encountered within the couple and addresses relational dead-ends.

Couple’s psychoanalytic therapy is based on language. It makes it possible, for each case treated, to question the origin of the relationship, the unconscious forces intervening at the moment of the choice of the partner and the emotional content of the commitment in love. The work on resistance, the focus on the specificity of transference and countertransference are among the most dynamic elements of the cure. At each moment of the treatment, the therapist's psychic is put in tension, thus awakening images and passions related to parents and ancestors of the couple.

Family Therapy

Therapy Family Therapists Experience Skills aims to understand and restore more balanced and balanced relationships
Clinique Psychothérapia offers consulting and therapy services specially designed for families. When some family members suffer or experience difficulties, it affects the entire family. Our specialists help families express real problems and find optimal solutions.

Space for expression and elaboration for all family members.

We consider the family as a group of individuals who form a group governed by mutual and significant relationships. The balance of the family group can be shaken when one of its members suffers and this disrupts (reverts) the whole group. Sometimes a call for help from parents is also a call for help for the entire family.

In this context, family therapy can be beneficial and provide support for both the whole family and each of its members. The outcome of conflicts and the difficulties experienced by each are possible by listening and understanding the meaning they take in the family dynamics.

The aim of family therapy is to promote the expression of difficulties, to address conflicts and to restore listening and communication among its members, to rebuild enough basic security in the repetition of sessions where anxieties and overflows are contained, respecting the rhythm of the family's evolution, vital for the therapeutic alliance.

To understand family dynamics and draw conclusions, it is necessary to differentiate and order the processes that are essential in family relationships. Basically, there are many criteria. These are five criteria for guidance:

  • Intergenerational transmission;
  • The assignment of roles in the family;
  • The terms of the link;
  • The structural level;
  • The aspect of adaptation.

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Therapy services and psycho-educational counseling for children and adolescents by qualified professionals
Clinique Psychothérapia helps children and adolescents in their difficulties whose manifestation is expressed by various symptoms such as problems of behavior, aggression, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties, disturbance in food or somatic complaints . Difficulties in children and adolescents can be observed by their parents or teachers.

Our therapists provide assessments and psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and families who have disturbances in thinking, feeling, or behaviour that interferes with healthy development.

Some of the most common concerns parents and teachers have are disturbances manifested as:

  • anxiety
  • behavioural difficulties (aggression, defiance, delinquent behaviour)
  • depression
  • eating disorders
  • learning difficulties
  • somatic complaints (headaches or stomach aches not caused by illness)

Our therapists also work with children, adolescents experiencing disorders relating to:

  • attachment
  • adoption
  • bereavement
  • divorce and custody issues
  • physical and sexual abuse
Serving the emotional needs of children, adolescents and their families

Children, adolescents, and infants have many ways to communicate emotional distress.

Sometimes children and adolescents
  • feel very unhappy, worried, or frightened for reasons they cannot explain.
  • cling to their parents because they are fearful about independence.
  • cannot channel their energy and creativity in ways that develop their potential.
  • acquire rituals or phobias because they feel helpless in difficult situations.
  • do not know how to make friends or get along with others at school or in the family; sometimes they withdraw from social relationships.
  • act meanly or aggressively because they cannot control their actions and cannot find other ways to express their feelings.

Sometimes babies cry a lot or cannot establish regular patterns of eating or sleeping and their caregivers cannot figure out how to help them.

Sometime children and adolescents
  • can't learn in school because they are preoccupied with thoughts or feelings.
  • struggle to understand difficult life experiences.
  • are restless or cannot concentrate because they have not acquired better ways to maintain confidence and calmness.
  • have negative attitudes toward themselves and cannot feel good about who they are, even though others can observe their obvious talents and abilities.
  • have been exposed to overwhelming, stressful situations that tax their ability to cope.
Sometimes teens
  • feel confused about their identity and uncertain about their future.
  • turn to drugs or alcohol to feel better because they are depressed.
  • develop eating disorders as a way to manage difficult feelings they cannot verbalize.
  • join gangs to find companions, community and a sense of safety.

Sometimes babies, children, and adolescents do not respond to their parents' efforts to help them.

Such behaviors and feelings often interfere with a young person's sense of well-being and capacity for emotional, social and intellectual development. If these problems do not resolve with time and support from parents, teachers, or friends, professional assistance can be effective.

How we can help

The Clinique PSYCHOTHERAPIA offers a range of services to help children, adolescents and their families when emotional problems hinder emotional growth and development.

The Clinique is committed to an approach to therapy that deals with underlying causes of problems and that assists children and adolescents to create a strong psychological foundation for ongoing development. The Clinique services are based on principles that address the complex emotional life of children and adolescents. Therapy offers a way to address the fundamental factors that affect emotional well-being.

When parents contact the Clinique for help, an assessment is made to determine the nature of the problems and to establish a treatment plan based on this evaluation. Often, this plan includes a form of psychotherapy. It may include other interventions that supplement therapy.

The foundation of therapy is the relationship with a trusted, specially trained therapist who can help young people deal with the causes of distress and help them acquire the psychological skills to cope more adaptively in the future. Young children often communicate through play; older children and adolescents may prefer talk. The goal is to create a situation in which children can express themselves fully in order to develop self-understanding and new, lasting changes in emotional states and behavior. Psychotherapy with children and adolescents is a collaborative endeavor with parents or caregivers. Typically, there are regularly scheduled consultations with parents to discuss progress and focus on their concerns about the child.

The clinique's services for children and their families

Assessment: Every inquiry begins with an evaluation that includes parents and child and information from other sources as needed. The goal is to determine the nature of the problem and develop an individualized treatment plan based on the child's needs.

Psychotherapy is designed to help with immediate crises as well as ongoing emotional or behavioral problems. Therapy sessions may be once or twice a week, in addition to collaborative work with parents.

Psychoanalysis is the most intensive form of psychotherapy. It is uniquely able to heal underlying conflicts that have roots in earlier experience but interfere with present functioning. Sessions are scheduled four or five times weekly and include consultation with parents.

Developmental Guidance: Some problems may be most effectively addressed through direct work with parents, and perhaps the child. Focus is on finding parenting strategies that are responsive to the child's needs.

Referral may be made to other resources if a child requires services outside the scope of the Center. Every effort will be made to find an appropriate referral.

Consultation: The Clinique's therapists have expertise in emotional development and mental health needs of children, adolescents, and families. They can provide education and consultation to parents, public groups, and mental health professionals.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological and psychoeducational assessment and report services for adults, children and adolescents by recognized specialists
Clinique Psychothérapia offers psychological and psycho-educational assessment services to identify areas of vulnerability and strength in order to identify the overall functioning. Psychological report will be provided after each assessment.

Clinique Psychotherapia conducts a range of psychological evaluations for children, adolescents and adults. Our assessments are designed to offer information that will help in understanding presenting psychological issues and any identified behavioural concerns, identify areas of vulnerability and strength, and offer practical recommendations to address the identified issues and promote wellness. Assessments are designed to respond to specific referral questions and the needs of clients and/or referral agencies.

Types of assessments offered include:
  • Diagnostic assessments.
  • Employment related assessments (suitability, readiness to return to work, threat/risk assessment);
  • Psychological injury evaluations;
  • Parenting capacity assessments;
  • Child custody and access evaluations.

Forensic Expertise

Evaluation and psychological assessment report by a specialized and experienced psychologist
Psychologist Karen Harutyunyan, Psy.Dc, specializing in forensic psycholegal expertise and more specifically in cases of expertise concerning child-care and access rights, sexual assault or violence, assessment of parental abilities, assessment of psychological trauma , capacity to stand a trial, dangerousness assessment, etc.

The foundation of our practice is the belief that all human beings are inherently worthwhile and important; individuals who engage in harmful and criminal behaviour are members of our community who need to be encouraged and supported to live in the community in a responsible and safe manner. We believe people have the capacity to change in response to a therapeutic approach that balances accountability, limit setting, and a goal orientation with nurturing support and genuine caring.

The treatment delivered by Clinique Psychotherapia is psychodynamic in its orientation and emphasizes also a holistic model of intervention attending to the emotional, experiential, behavioural, cognitive, and spiritual dimensions of the clients we treat. Additionally, the therapeutic approach recognizes and attends to the context and various needs in an individual’s life, rather than focusing exclusively on the individual’s acting out or criminal behaviours in isolation from the multidimensionality of their lives.

Our approach attends to the individual’s behaviour within the greater understanding of his/her history, family environment, life circumstances and the needs they have attempted to meet through destructive, ineffective and harmful means.


Clinique Psychotherapia conducts a range of psychological evaluations for children, adolescents and adults that examine behaviours of concern, including problematic sexual behaviour, aggression & violence, and antisocial behaviour. Our assessments are designed to offer information that will help in understanding the behaviours of concern, identify areas of vulnerability and strength, and offer practical recommendations to assist in managing these behaviours. Our assessments offer a detailed examination of the presenting problem areas, identify factors contributing to these problem areas and assess risk, identify risk factors and speak to risk management strategies. Our assessments consider these issues by more globally evaluating the individual’s psychological functioning and examining areas such as psychosocial environment, personality style, psychopathology, coping styles and factors that may be inhibiting healthy psychological functioning (for example, trauma).

Assessments are designed to respond to specific referral questions and the needs of clients and referral agencies. As required, assessments may also include extended testing to evaluate issues such as cognitive functioning or sexual interests and the inclusion of collateral interviews to corroborate and/or gather further information to optimize our ability to respond to the referral questions.

It is important to us that our assessments are user-friendly and provide meaningful recommendations that can be implemented to support the clients wellbeing and assist referral agencies in their case management. Recommendations are provided that may be specific for family/caregivers, social workers, case managers, parole or probation officers, correctional staff, officers of the court, residential & support staff, allied professionals, and school personnel. Recommendations are offered in the context of the individual’s strengths, limitations, overall psychological capacity and psychosocial environment.

Types of assessments offered include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Threat assessment
  • Criminal responsibility evaluations
  • Fitness to stand trial evaluations
  • Psychological injury evaluations
  • Parenting capacity & child custody evaluations

Clinique Psychotherapia provides treatment for children, adolescents and adults who engage in problematic sexual, aggressive and antisocial behaviors.

Our treatment approach is person-, child- and family-centered and attachment-informed, and includes psychodynamic, cognitive, self-regulation and solution-focused methods.

Within our multisystemic therapeutic approach, treatment modalities offered include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Parent/caregiver consultation
  • Family counseling
  • Behavioral consultation
  • Ethnopsychological consultation
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