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Therapeutic Approaches Recognized by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec

How we work

We provide you with a safe, confidential space to talk, explore, heal and grow. We're here to help you to understand your areas of difficulty, gain relief from present symptoms and develop resources to cope in the future. We believe in a mind-body connection so that improvements in psychological well-being translate into physical vitality. The benefits of our psychotherapy and counselling work include self-insight, inner fulfillment, raised self-esteem, a positive outlook and improved relationships.

Over the years we have built up an extensive expertise in therapeutic services. Our therapists are qualified in different approaches and will tailor treatment to your needs. At an initial consultation we will explore your current issues, enquire about background history and establish the focus of therapy and suitable therapeutic approach.

The number of therapy sessions depends on you as an individual and your unique presenting issues. A first consultation will enable to see if therapy is indicated. Usually you will start with 6 sessions and review after that.

Short-term psychotherapy is designed to be brief and lasts 6-20 sessions.

Open-ended psychodynamic, psychoanalytic therapies tend to be longer term and may last for many months or even years aimed towards an improved personality and character change.

Since our therapists work privately you are not limited in the number of sessions you can have.

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