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Fees & Procedures

When you first contact us, it is useful if you highlight the issues you would like help with, so we can match you with the most suitable therapist from the outset.

Payment is taken by the therapist at the end of each session.

Fees for each session of 50 minutes: 100 CAD (individual); 120 CAD (couples/family).

Psychological / Psychoeducational assessment: 100 CAD per hour.

Psycho-legal / Forensic expertise: to be discussed

Psychological / Psychoeducational report: 100 CAD per hour

The fee shouldn’t become an obstacle for someone seeking our services, therefore a slightly sliding fee scale may be applied according to financial situation of our patients.

Our fees may be covered by health insurance. Please check with your insurance. Payments can be made by check, cash or credit card, if ordered online.

If you proceed with therapy sessions after the first consultation, the therapist will reserve the same time slot (of 50 minutes) for you each next session. Any missed sessions or cancellations will be charged at the full fee. This is so that they can set aside the same time for you each time. Each therapist has a particular set of terms and conditions (including cancellation policy) which will be shared with you prior to your first appointment.

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